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Previous Website Editions
Before the procurement of /, my portfolio website was hosted on The earliest record of my portfolio was May 21st, 2018. For security reasons, the Github repo for the portfolio is private, but this may be changed in the future. The earliest recorded record of the portfolio on the Wayback Machine is September 8th, 2020, and records of the portfolio under this old address are available on the Wayback Machine spanning up until April 14th, 2021. Under the new address,, the Wayback Machine has records from April 16th, 2022 until present. Below are the major versions of the website in the order that they were live.
Legacy (Pre 2021)
05/20/2018 - 06/23/2021 (3 years)
This edition of the website was the first to be published. At first, it was a static HTML, JS and CSS website where all information was hardcoded in. However, over time, I added dynamic site updates via Google Firebase that allowed the submission of Software Programs (mostly calculator applications), Weather Satellite Images (a hobby of mine), Project Statuses (a list that was eventually cleaned out) and Blog Posts (viewable on the home page). This was all configurable by a user dashboard authenticated with Google Firebase and allowed myself to easily update the website. This site was retired in favor of a more modern design.
Language: HTML,JS,CSS [Custom]
2021 Edition
06/23/2021 - 03/24/2022 (9 months)
This edition of the website was created using Nicepage in a bid to modernize my homepage. Over time, a Firebase enabled projects explorer was added, but the feature was not completed due to the desire for a better homepage. This website was eventually retired for another Nicepage website.
Language: HTML,JS,CSS [Page Builder]
2023 Edition
03/24/2022 - 02/13/2024 (2 years)
This edition of the website was created using Nicepage to showcase more of my competencies. This was the first edition of the website to depart from the historical Firebase integration and was instead entirely static. This website was retired in favor of a return to the original concept of the website being created by myself. I also wished to learn React and NextJS.
Language: HTML,JS,CSS [Page Builder]
Current Version - 2024 Edition
02/13/2024 - 06/29/2024 (4 months)
This edition of the website was my first introduction to React and NextJs. It is mostly static, with information given in the form of JSON files as opposed to a Firebase database. I am in the process of moving over most of my project information here in addition to consolidating my documentation, professional development paperwork, and all other related areas.
Language: React + NextJs
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