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About Me
MOTD: This website is still under construction
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Hello! My name is Nicholas Pease and I am currently a junior at the University of Maine pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in Military Science. This website is a collection of both project / homework completed as required by my studies and as a showcase of some of the personal projects I have worked on. I will work to keep this up to date to the best of my ability.
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This website was last updated on Thursday, February 15th 2024.
Notable Projects
The Aviation Assistant V1 is an all-in-one ADS-B processing device that includes an integrated touchscreen and speaker for on-the-go plane tracking
The Aviation Assistant V2 is a revamped version of the Aviation Assistant sporting a larger battery/runtime in addition to a more portable footprint for use in the field.
The register tools are a suite of software developed for the Aubuchon Hardware company to aid in the updating of manual UPC lookup books as well as interfacing with the backend's pricing API to provide real time inventory, pricing, and product information. Due to the nature of this software, it is closed sourced.
You can find more projects on the Projects page or on my personal Gitea Server.
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